Tell Debt 101 if they say you were too late!

admin101 - Wed, 08/05/2009 - 07:20

Did you act on Debt 101's 'Countdown' campaign -- those postings saying "You have 9 Days Left to Apply for...8 Days Left..." etcetera?

This countdown was to alert people that 3 student loan repayment assistance programs were ending. We wanted eligible people to know that their last day to apply would be July 31, 2009.

If you applied for one of these in time, we want to know if you were fairly treated.

 These were the 3 'countdown' programs:

• Debt Reduction in Repayment (Canada Student Loans)
• Interest Relief (Canada Student Loans)
• Permanent Disability Benefit (BC Student Loans) - loan forgiveness even if you defaulted

We don't have resources to do personal advocacy work. We’re volunteers who don't charge for helping you and don’t get any funding.

But since we encouraged eligible people to apply before these programs ended, we want to follow up.
From our feedback, we know that many of you used the Debt 101 info and application forms to apply during July.

Please let us know if you were rejected for being 'too late' -- even though you had faxed in your completed paperwork on or before July 31,2009.

Government officials assured us that applications would be honoured right through that date. So we want to know if anyone slipped through the cracks. We think these officials will want to know that, too.

In that case, contact us and we’ll see if someone can step in. As for general questions, they should still go to the forum.

To those who got their paperwork in on time, Good Luck! We hope you'll tell us about your success!

And if you weren't eligible -- or had bad luck, like a broken fax machine or forgetting to sign your application -- remember that Debt 101 will keep providing free advice and resources.

We're here to help you get yourself out of student debt!