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People with student loans need comedy. Bring us your own student debt laugh-riot. Since you're broke, production values can be modest. You can entertain us with financial advice from your cat or blazing sock puppet action.



Turae on Student Loans (from Comedy Time Network)

YouTube's intro describes this as Turae reflecting on his college career and the "repercussions of not repaying student loans." This clip doesn't really have much about the loans, but whatever…

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Satirical Ads

United Kingdom

Ingenious Student Money Saving Idea - Long Version

Find out how one trailblazer escaped from student loan debt. Translation: Uni: university. Biccy- Biscuit.

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New Zealand

Jo's Money Saving Tips For Students - Tip 58 – Shampoo

Don't let your roommates see this. (Studentville, btw, is a New Zealand TV show.)

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Students Loans ad series

This American ad series for Student Lending Works is fun to watch. Student Lending Works is the State of Ohio's ‘designated non-profit student loan lender.'

Like the guys in this movie, students with Canadian government loans also have a 6-month grace period where they can skip payments while racking up interest charges. But unlike these guys, you're not likely to get reminder calls.

Student Loans - The Curse of Education: Episode I

It just gets weirder… 

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Student Loans - The Joy of Consolidation: Episode II

Episode 2 (where finally the ad kicks in) gets fewer viewings, but it's fun and worth seeing how the story ends. How many people think the free cookies are drugged? Warning: Do not buy a BMW.

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Student Loans Ad Pilot

For trivia fans, this was the pilot for the two-part ad above.

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