Books 2 Come


1. We hear you: not everybody likes e-books. So there will be a paperback version of Kaching! How your family can cut thousands off your debt without spending a cent. [Seriously].

That should be out by the end of this year. We'll announce it on the website or you can just follow the Ka-Ching ad there and see the paper option.

2. There's a new book on the way after that, my Student Loan Survival Guide. I'm actually writing 2 at the same time. Umm, don't ask why - it just happened.

Wish I could give a date. Knowing the topics pretty well by now, I wish – almost daily – that I could save time and magically download them from my brain. Wouldn't we all love publishing like that... But I can't and my time is split five ways, so these these take so much longer than I want.

While you're waiting for whichever book you want, why not use the resources on this site?

It's packed full of original, practical tools and content. Our web resource is copyrighted, but it's free to all.

It'll help you whether you're currently a student, in crisis, or trying to pay your student loans as fast and cheaply as possible.

We get it. After all, we've been there, too!